This worship service is not for everyone, but it may just be what you are looking for.

Informal — This hour-long worship service is “come as you are.” No one will be judging what you are wearing. We have coffee and water available, (maybe a snack sometimes.) We sit around tables in our social hall.

Conversational — You don’t have to sit and listen with this service. (You can if you want, but it works better when you offer your “two-cent’s worth.”) You won’t hear a preacher giving a 15 minute sermon in this service. The participants offer their personal insights about how the Bible text for the day is connecting with them. The worship leader will offer some background information about the text to help the conversation.

Quiet — There is no band or organ. We will sing a couple of quiet, familiar songs to help us focus on the theme for the day. Times for guided meditation are an important feature of this service. We offer childcare for the kids who struggle with quiet time.

Personal — Worshippers will get to know each other. Holy Communion is served around the tables. There is an opportunity to share prayer concerns.

This is a short demonstration of the central feature of this worship service.
This is a typical bulletin we use at the service.

bulletin-preview (Click to download or view full PDF version)



People in our community are starting to get the postcards. We hope that not only do they get the attention of those who might really connect with this style of worship, but that it will also put a smile on the face of everyone else. What do you think of the postcard?

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Worship in a Ball Pit?

We think a worship service can be like this. What do you think? Please comment below.
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